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Winton  December 16th, 1890

Dear Parents and Brothers,

It is with an aching heart I write you these few lines knowing the sad wishes will only make your heart bleed and ache as it has mine.  You know in our last letter to you Zora said she was not feeling well.  She complained of a pain in her side and back.  So on the next week we went to town and the ride seemed to make her worse.  So we went to the Doctor and he called me one side and said the case was quite incurable that the . . . . . and that I must not . . . . (portions illegible)

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her at all.  So the last time I saw the doctor was on the 4th of December and he said he would not change the treatment.  When I got home she was very lively, talking with a girl that was here washing.  So I thought she was a lot better.  We went to bed that night and she slept till 3 o'clock next morning when she woke with a severe pain in her bowels and stomache.  And she got so bad I got some of the neighbors to come and when they came she was dieing.  She said she was ready to go, called Gracie and me and bid us good by.  Kissed us and the Lord called her home where the wicket cease from troubling

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and the weary are at rest.  She died on the 5th of December, 17 minutes past 9 A.M. and she was buried on the 8th, 3 o'clock P.M.  It was a very big funeral.  People from town and country came and all thought there was no one like our lost darling.  She lies in the Winton Cemetery.  It's a very pretty place.  The trouble was diabetes or quick consumption.  She was not bedfast at all and was out in the yard playing with Gracie the day before she died so you know how great a change it makes with us.

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I'll send a lock of her hair hoping this will find you all well.  I will close this heart breaking letter hoping you will write soon.  I remain your affectionate son.  George

To all God bless you and keep us all faithful and we shall all rest in heaven where parting is no more. 

(remainder of document illegible)