Brentnall Family Photo Gallery

Here are some family related photos of interest.  The file sizes are somewhat large (usually around 250k per picture) so be patient when downloading as it may take a little time.  It was decided to post the large file sizes so that if you elect to download the photos for your own records, you will be able to see the detail in the photo.  I elected to leave the pictures in their original form rather than change from sepia to black and white.  I did, however, use Photoshop to repair scratches and generally improve the appearance.
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Photo 1.      Ida Sharp Brentnall and George Brentnall, Jr.   Probably taken at 2001  East Elm, Enid, Oklahoma. 
                   They moved there in 1916 and he died in December, 1921. 

Photo 2.      Ida Sharp Brentnall, Opal Brentnall, and George Brentnall.  Small face between Ida and Opal is
                   Gerald J. Brentnall (b. 1913)  Estimate this was taken about 1920 in Oklahoma.

Photo 3.      George Brentnall and Zora Bodenheimer Brentnall (we think this is who it is)

Photo 4.      Elsie Ellen Brentnall-Robinett, the oldest child of Elizabeth Brentnall Robinett.  (b. April 14, 1886;
                    d. November 25, 1968)

Photo 4a.    Elizabeth Brentnall/Robinett.  Daughter of George and Elizabeth Edwards/Brentnall.   She was born in
                   1864 in Ohio and died March 14,1930, in Missouri.  She married Alleghany Piper Robinett and had
                   fourteen children (four died before the age of two).

Other Items of Interest:

December 16th, 1890 letter from George Brentnall to Mr. A.C. Bodenhamer notifying him of Zora Bodenhamer Brentnall's death. 
The copies on this page are very close to the appearance of the original copies.  The location of the original letter is unknown. 
Typical of the period, both the envlope and the first page have a black border - the traditional border for a death notice. 
Some of the letter was illegible.  If you can figure out what it says, please let us know so we can modify the typewritten version.
               Pages 1 and 2
               Pages 3 and 4
               Typewritten version of text